Kori Buttorff

Week 14 Journal

I'm sad this class is coming to a close. This was one of my favorite courses this semester and I learned a lot from it. I enjoyed the variety of videos and readings and learning more about different aspects of... Continue Reading →


Week 13 Journal

I really enjoyed the talk from President Thomas S. Monson, 'An Attitude for Gratitude'. Here are some of my favorite quotes from it: We can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of... Continue Reading →

Magazine Spread InDesign Project

Process:┬áThe above story happened to me as a teenager, so my target audience is teenagers. This magazine spread is for the New Era magazine. The message is to show the youth some consequences of straying from the path and what... Continue Reading →

Week 12 Journal

I of course loved Elder Holland's talk, Are We Not All Beggars?. It was great. I liked these 2 things and need to work on them: Cease withholding our means because we see the poor as having brought their misery... Continue Reading →

Draft: Magazine Spread InDesign Project

Process: My target audience is teens, since this happened to me, and would be for the New Era magazine the church creates for teens 12-18. The message is to teach the youth of a time I strayed from the path... Continue Reading →

Web Page Layout

Process: I chose to do my dream bed & breakfast again, as I did for the social media project. My audience is therefore for those looking for a place to stay the night, and lets people know what kind of... Continue Reading →

Week 11 Journal

I was surprised to read in this weeks readings that many entrepreneurs don't believe you can have money and power and happiness; they view it as an 'either/or'. I just thought they would have found the 'secret' to doing both,... Continue Reading →

Week 10 Journal

Things I loved from 'Hero's Journey' chapter 4: always a mistake to work with those who fill a need but don't have passion You'll spend too much time trying to motivate them and persuade them. You don't need that in... Continue Reading →

Movie Poster Project

Message/Audience: My husband just finished watching the Back to the Future trilogy so this movie's been on my mind. I loved these movies when I was younger and thought it would be fun to recreate it into something else. I... Continue Reading →

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