I really enjoyed this weeks readings and videos. This is my favorite class of the semester so far. I love that it’s pretty much a personal development class and that I get to learn more about myself and think about my dreams and desires (which is hard to do when you have two little ones running around).

I am loving ‘The Ministry of Business’ book. I feel like it’s scripture study almost because of the amount of truths that are in it. I’m trying to find the scripture or quote that says something like ‘every good thing or thing that speaks truth is of God’ but I’m not having success finding it. Any of you know what it is?

I especially liked chapter 1 about acting on promptings from God and trusting in His timing. That is something I have been struggling with for months now. We were living in Iowa the last three years and loved it there, but we were having spiritual struggles since there aren’t many members and the temple was hours away so we couldn’t visit often. We decided to move to Utah and start over there, but after 7 weeks of my husband trying to find a job and a place we could afford, nothing was working out. We felt now would be a good time for me to finish my Bachelor’s degree and when we prayed we felt that Rexburg is where we needed to return. We moved here right away, but nothing has worked out and we’ve wondered ‘why’ many times. After reading chapter 1, I am wondering if our timing was just wrong. We moved here before having jobs lined up and before I had applied. Maybe we are still supposed to be here, but we just came at a bad time so it has just been a struggle since.

In the ‘Stars and Steppingstones’ reading the thoughts that stood out to me were:

  • Spend time on your ‘life search’, not just your job search
  • We can only do 2-3 things well at the same time.
    • What things do I want to do well at now? In 5 years? 10? 20?
  • ‘Real horror isn’t death but waking when old in a life you didn’t want and dreams unachieved.

In the ‘What is your calling in life?’ reading, this quote stood out to me so much, I made it into a social media image. It is just a good reminder to me the days I am full-time mom and feel dreary about it and feel like I am not accomplishing much. This will lift my spirit from now on.

What is your calling in life?

Questions to answer:

Why do you think Randy Pausch was able to achieve so many of his childhood dreams?

  • He made it a priority in his life. He wanted to achieve those things, so he did what he could to make it happen. He actively pursued them and didn’t just let them be ‘nice thoughts’ only.

Do you feel that dreaming is important? Why or why not?

  • Yes, dreaming is important in life. Without dreams, why would we bother waking up in the morning? Life is pretty monotonous and rigid. Dreams help us have an outlet, have something to strive for, something nice to think about. Dreaming creates goals which create action in life.

Discuss at least one of your childhood dreams. Explain why you believe you can or cannot achieve this dream.

  • One of my dreams growing up was to go skydiving someday. It looked like an amazing and terrifying and wonderful thing, and I wanted to do it. I made it a dream, I worked hard and saved for it, and I made it happen. My parents didn’t approve, but the joys of ‘adulthood’ and them not living nearby¬†meant I did it anyway. Some dreams are worth ignoring others though and going for it – i’m not advocating disobeying parents though! So for my 18th birthday I was able to go skydiving – and it was AWESOME! I wish I could go everyday.