Goals have never really worked for me. But after reading chapter 7 in “The Ministry of Business” I now know that I wasn’t taught how to make goals correctly. I loved the chapter a lot; learning about first determining governing values, then creating long term and short term goals, and then making daily tasks. It never clicked for me before and now I hope I will be able to remember this throughout my life.

I loved the idea of minutes in a day being considered “productivity points”. If we sleep 7 hours/day we are each left with 1,020 minutes – or productivity points. What do I want to use those 1,020 productivity points towards? Something that will enrich my life and make it better and lead to growth? Or squander it with youtube, facebook, movies, and laziness?

In chapter 9, The Unseen Difference, I was curious to read about the different roles we have. There are 8 different roles people tend to fill in relationships, usually just one of them, and I’m trying to discover which role I normally fill. The roles are:







Mind Opener


I just asked my husband what he thought I was and he thinks I’m either Companion or Navigator. I’ll have to process this a little more to decide what I feel I am.


In the video, “Do what you love” I really liked the idea of keeping a notebook of yourself to discover what you are born to do. You write down when you are happy and when you feel the best, and this will help discover what you’re born to do. I want to start doing this for myself.