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Event Flier Project

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Process: I wanted to create an event to earn money for, an organization that sends mosquito nets to people in Africa that are living in areas with high malaria deaths caused by mosquitos. This organization does fundraisers similar to this, and I liked the play on words from a basketball net to the mosquito net. The audience is just about anyone in the community; parents, teachers, businesses, and sport lovers. I chose to stick with the orange and black colors found in the logo to keep it uniform. I think the image of the basketball player and hoop stand out and make you want to look at it more closely. I kept the flier neat and organized to make it easy to read and understand what was going on.

Critique Process: I critiqued Sofia Aleinikova’s post and Amanda Lynn Mason’s post. Those that critiqued my flier were Darcy Jo Garrison, Kevin Erickson, and Sister Peterson. They liked the flier and how it flowed. Kevin suggested adding a color background, but I think having the black on white makes it pop more, and that’s what I was going for since this would probably be posted on bulletin boards in stores around town. I made the body copy text smaller and the words ‘NET’ bigger as suggested by Sister Peterson and I liked those changes.

Color Scheme: Complementary: Black and White, Accent: Orange

Fonts: Title: Myriad Pro Black SemiExt (SansSerif), Body Copy: Liberation Sans (SansSerif)

Link to image: Image:   Logo: