I didn’t care for the new book we are reading in class, “Mastery”. It’s hard for me to understand him and read his writing style. I hope as I get further into the book I like it more and learn some good things from it.

I liked learning about The Dabbler, The Obsessive, and The Hacker. I would love to learn more about each of those and some ideas/tips to get out of being those different ‘personalities’ or ‘characteristics’.

I am a Dabbler when it comes to work. My husband is too. It’s concerning to think about really after reading more about what that means. If we’re both Dabblers when it comes to work, can that create bad consequences for our family? One area I am a Dabbler in is MLM (multi level marketing) jobs. I have tried Mary Kay (I don’t like makeup), a scrapbooking company (can’t even recall the name now), Norwex (LOVE the products but can’t sell them), Usborne Books (again, love the products but don’t like throwing FB parties), and Beachbody (love my results with the programs but not a fitness guru). I get sucked in by the idea of getting rich quick and get bored after awhile of no success or apparent growth. I don’t know why I keep trying.


In the video “How do you find your passion and how do you pursue it?”, I liked when the speaker said, “Don’t think about THE passion, free yourself up for a portfolio of passions and the task is to marry that portfolio with the opportunities in front of you.” I feel like I always get caught in that struggle of just finding the one thing I am good at, my one calling in life. Can’t it be a marriage of multiple things? And I loved the perspective of using the passions for the different things around us and being aware of those.


I liked all of the “Hero’s Journey” video and am looking forward to reading his book. I liked all the points he brought up. I loved how his talk focused on what he said in the beginning, “You have a very special mission on this earth, a mission that will succeed beyond your wildest dreams, but only if you have the faith and courage to find that entrepreneurial calling.” I need to work on that faith and courage part.

Some questions he asked that are giving me a stupor of thought were ‘when’s the last time you lost track of time while doing something?, practiced just to practice?, lifelong discipline you’re committed to master?’ I honestly can’t think of anything right now. It’s really hard for me to do anything for myself while being in school full-time, being married, having 2 boys under age 5, and a puppy. My hands are always full with other people’s problems and things I need to do and I rarely have time to do something I enjoy. When I do have those rare moments, it takes me a long time to think of something to do because I don’t ever remember what I love doing. It’s really sad, and has been a struggle of mine for years now. I’m not sure how to find those passions and things I love to do and love doing all the time when I can.