I finally understand and can appreciate the book ‘Mastery’. The chapters this week were very good and I learned a lot of things from them, and more things I want to implement into my life.

I felt that chapter 10 was for me; all about why resolutions fail and what we can do to fix that. Guideline #1, learning what homeostasis is and how it works, reminded me of my journey with exercising. In the fall I did a Beachbody program and lost 20 pounds in 2 months. I LOVED how I felt exercising and eating right. After I reached my weight loss goal though, I stopped exercising. I hate how sluggish I feel now – exercising gave me a lot of energy and motivation to accomplish things and I don’t have that now. After learning about homeostasis though I am motivated again to exercise. I want to be healthy and I need to adjust to change, even when the warning bells are sounding.


I loved learning about the different ways to get energy (chapter 11) and I definitely need to work on these areas. Being a mom, wife, student, church member, sister, daughter, etc. makes me a very busy and tired person and I feel stretched thin most of the time. I feel that if I work on these areas I will have the energy to get a lot more done and be more effective in my life.

  • maintain physical fitness
    • I am committing to start exercising daily again.
  • acknowledge the negative and accentuate the positive
    • I’m a naturally negative person and I hate it. I want to be cheerful and positive as my patriarchal blessing says I am.
  • try telling the truth
    • I have been working on feeling my feelings and want to continue doing this.
  • honor but don’t indulge your own dark side
    • I now want to read “A Little Book on the Human Shadow” and learn more about the dark sides I’ve been covering all my life and how to use them for good.
  • set your priorities
    • From the 7 Habits, I want to focus on the personal victory areas of ‘Begin with the end in mind’ and ‘Put first things first’. Since I’m a returning college student with lots of new challenges on my plate this is one area of habits I want to work on and master so that I can be the best ME possible.
  • make commitments and take action
    • I need to find someone to share my goals with so there is more responsibility in what  I want to achieve.
  • get on the path of mastery and stay on it
    • I am still trying to discover What do I want to MASTER?


In chapter 12 I learned about the different pitfalls along the path of mastery and am now aware of the ones I fall into the most. For me personally I get trapped by a conflicting way of life, laziness, vanity, inconsistency, and perfectionism. I want to eliminate these ‘can’ts’ from my vocabulary and thinking.

I also really enjoyed the idea of becoming a master of the ‘in-between’ moments of my life and finding joy and peace from those down times that fill most of my life.