Company: Farm Fresh Bed & Breakfast

Objective: Create awareness of new bed and breakfast opening up.

Strategy: Create a FB page with images and posts to talk about the new B&B. Have one post be a giveaway post and after 1000 people like, share, and write what ‘Farm Fresh’ means to them there will be a giveaway where 5 people will win a FREE weekend stay.

FB Cover Photo and Profile Pic:


Post #1:


Post #2:


Post #3:




Reasoning/Process: My husband and I’s dream is to own a bed & breakfast one day. One of our concepts is to have a b&b in the country on a small farm that we manage and use the animal products (cow milk, eggs, honey, etc) in the breakfast we make for the guests. We want it to be a homey, comfy, oasis in the country. I thought it would be fun to make our dream feel a little more real by pretending we had a b&b and were opening up soon and wanted to spread the word about our new business. The target audience is couples wanting a retreat, and since 71% of online adult users have FB I thought it would be great to start there. I found the images on and found images with similar feel to them. I then created the different collages on I created the logo using the paint program and

Critique: I critiqued Matt Searle, Ashlee Dean, and Tanja Crouch’s projects. I was critiqued by Sister Peterson and Charlene Peterson. They both liked the images I created and suggested I move where the logo was on 2 of the collages so that the arrow from the logo wasn’t pointing out of the image and would instead help the eye move around the collage. I followed their advice and made those changes. Charlene suggested fixing the cropping of one of the images but I chose not to fix it. She did say she wanted to stay there someday though! I also posted it for friends and family to review and they liked it as well and some of them want to stay also – hopefully someday it’s a reality!

Image Sources:

weathervane, apples, breakfast table, bed and flowers, barn, cows, chickens, beekeeper, egg breakfast, french toast, muffins

Logo Font: Farm Fresh = Sunday/Decorative, Bed & Breakfast = Vidaloka/Modern