Web Page Layout
Shape Map

Process: I chose to do my dream bed & breakfast again, as I did for the social media project. My audience is therefore for those looking for a place to stay the night, and lets people know what kind of B&B we are and what they can expect.

I started out with making some sketches. I created the shape map and added in the content. I changed the shape map a few times because the original design wasn’t looking very good or professional for a B&B business. I chose a complementary color scheme of reds and greens, the colors in the logo I had designed. I changed the tints and shades to vary the colors in the layout and not make it so boring or too similar. The web page directs people to different pages including booking rooms, menu, reservations, etc. It also gives contact info and where they can find us on social media.

Critique: I critiqued Charlene Peterson and Tanner Jones. I was critiqued by Sister Peterson, Charlene Peterson, Tanner Jones, and David Jenkins. The 3 students all loved it and thought nothing needed changed and that it looked professional. Sister Peterson suggested changing the original modern text I had to an oldstyle or slab serif, so I changed it to a slab serif. I noticed it made it easier to read. She also suggested lightening the opacity of the texture so the images popped more, and I did that as well. I liked the changes I made.

Links to images: barn, breakfast, bed, horse, social media icons

Font name/Category: all caps font – Sunday/slab serif & decorative, body copy – Javanese Text/slab serif

Color scheme: Complementary (red and green + tints and shades)