Process: My target audience is teens, since this happened to me, and would be for the New Era magazine the church creates for teens 12-18. The message is to teach the youth of a time I strayed from the path and the consequences of it.

Working with InDesign has been difficult for me. I feel it’s harder than Photoshop (in my high school photoshop class I never dreamed I’d say that one day!). I understand the basics; adding text, shapes, changing font, inserting images, etc. I do not understand the pen tool though. I obviously need to figure that out before I submit this final draft next week and will need to watch some youtube videos about it. I want the text to go around the quote box and the toes of the feet but couldn’t figure it out after 30-40 times.

I tried to mimic the church magazine style by adding a large title, a subtitle, the author’s name, where the author lives, the magazine abbreviation at the end of the article (NE), and the box for a general authority’s picture and quote to go in.

Fonts/category: Title – CM Old Firehouse/decorative, Subtitle – Gill Sans Ultra Bold/sans serif, Quote – Gill Sans MT/sans serif, Body Copy – Georgia/serif

Image Links: feet in sand, prophet