Process: The above story happened to me as a teenager, so my target audience is teenagers. This magazine spread is for the New Era magazine. The message is to show the youth some consequences of straying from the path and what I learned from this experience.

I wanted the magazine spread to look as similar to a New Era article as possible. I first found an image I liked for the background. I created the quote box with a text and photo from one of our previous prophets. I added the text in 4 different columns and included my name at the beginning, the New Era end of article notation (NE), and where I live.

After hours on YouTube watching different videos about the pen tool, I was FINALLY able to figure out how to move the text around the quote box and around the toes. I had to move the text around so there were no orphans/widows, but I think I got it.

Critique Process: I critiqued Mario Gaspar de Alba and Sofia Aleinikova. I was critiqued by Sister Peterson, Roxanna Peterson, and Tanja Crouch. They all said they liked it and thought it looked great, Tanja even said it looked professional. But I just needed to have the pen tool situation fixed – which it was!

Fonts/category: Title – CM Old Firehouse/decorative, Subtitle – Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed/sans serif, Quote – Gill Sans MT/sans serif, Body Copy – Georgia/serif

Image Links: feet in sand, prophet