I’m sad this class is coming to a close. This was one of my favorite courses this semester and I learned a lot from it. I enjoyed the variety of videos and readings and learning more about different aspects of entrepreneurship through different eyes.

My favorite reading in class was the book, ‘The Ministry of Business’. The main takeaway I had from it was how interrelated a business and your religion can be. Steve Hitz and James Ritchie are both very religious LDS men. They have set standards, beliefs, and values they keep in accordance to their religion and have incorporated that into their businesses as well. They have prayed for their business – prayed to know what to do, prayed for help in taking the next step, prayed for faith to endure, prayed for confirmations to promptings and feelings, prayed for opportunities they would have otherwise missed. They follow Christ in their life and business practices – they’re honest, have integrity, are not hypocrites, try to advance in both areas, and serve others. By doing this they are not living two separate lives. They are one, and keeping ALL aspects of their life in sync with Christ and his doctrines and guidelines to a better life.

The Formula for Success shared by the authors above has been interesting to read and study about. I always felt that success in business was based on luck, or a chance whim. But  after reading about the formula, I can understand how that would produce some wonderful win moments and successes in life. It is simple, and easy to follow, which makes me wonder why so many people don’t follow this formula. But when I think about my own life, I know how hard it is to start something new and try and find motivation to do better when your comfort zone is so nice. However, I’m sick of being stagnant and staying in the same place. I want my life to be better in all areas and feel that following the formula would help provide a way for that to be possible. The formula is as follows:

  • Get up early
  • Work hard
  • Get your education
  • Find oil
  • Make your mark
  • Prepare to serve/Give back

The above formula is a great place to start and find your course on life. I plan to work on it more and implement it into my life fully. I just know it will take some time, but I want to give that time if it will mean better results in my life.

I’m no expert at entrepreneurship, but I’d recommend this class for anyone that has thought about doing something related to business. I learned a lot of skills I hope to keep with me. I’m grateful I took this course. I learned a lot and I look forward to learning more with the other classes in the Entrepreneurship cluster. Do I still see myself as wanting to be an entrepreneur after this class? I’m not sure. I love a lot of parts of being an entrepreneur, but I also know the few times I’ve dabbled in things (MLM companies) I haven’t had success. However, I’ve learned from each failure. I also feel that I need to be inventing something new, and I’m not sure if that’s part of me or not, or if it’s needed. So, while I did learn a lot this semester, I still have questions. But I’m grateful for all the personal development that accompanied this class coursework, for the wheels continually turning in my head, and for chances to learn and grow more.