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Week 14 Journal

I'm sad this class is coming to a close. This was one of my favorite courses this semester and I learned a lot from it. I enjoyed the variety of videos and readings and learning more about different aspects of... Continue Reading →

Week 13 Journal

I really enjoyed the talk from President Thomas S. Monson, 'An Attitude for Gratitude'. Here are some of my favorite quotes from it: We can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of... Continue Reading →

Week 11 Journal

I was surprised to read in this weeks readings that many entrepreneurs don't believe you can have money and power and happiness; they view it as an 'either/or'. I just thought they would have found the 'secret' to doing both,... Continue Reading →

Week 10 Journal

Things I loved from 'Hero's Journey' chapter 4: always a mistake to work with those who fill a need but don't have passion You'll spend too much time trying to motivate them and persuade them. You don't need that in... Continue Reading →

Week 9 Journal

I enjoyed reading 'Message to Garcia' and learning these things: Delegate, even if you could do it on your own or quicker. It's the only way to make a grand vision a reality. This is something I've struggled with. I... Continue Reading →

Week 8 Journal

From "The 5 Why's" by Eric Ries I learned how to fix a problem. I like his idea of asking multiple questions when something bad occurs and thinking of the answers to each instead of just thinking there's only 1... Continue Reading →

Week 7 Journal

I finally understand and can appreciate the book 'Mastery'. The chapters this week were very good and I learned a lot of things from them, and more things I want to implement into my life. I felt that chapter 10... Continue Reading →

Week 6 Journal

I hope to keep learning about myself throughout this course to know my strengths and weaknesses and things I need to work on and improve on. Reading 'Mastery' this week was better. I'm noticing more that I like having lists,... Continue Reading →

Week 5 Journal

I didn't care for the new book we are reading in class, "Mastery". It's hard for me to understand him and read his writing style. I hope as I get further into the book I like it more and learn... Continue Reading →

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